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Download the app Free and immerse yourself in a real clubbing atmosphere with music, light effects, and multiple rooms. Meet with friends, chat, and dance to your favourite DJs, transport yourself from anywhere in the world.

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Get ready for an electrifying nightlife experience

Like never before with Go Clubbing VR!

Our virtual club is open 24/7 with six extraordinary venues, each offering a unique and exciting atmosphere to dance to the beat of your favorite DJs.

And that's not all! Keep an eye out for our live-streamed special events that will take your clubbing experience to new heights.

Expect wild nights out, top-notch events, and world-renowned DJs and Venues that will transport you to an out-of-this-world realm of The Metaverse.

Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind virtual clubbing adventure!

How the VR Club

  • Take a selfie and generate an avatar of yourself dressed up

  • Spawn your avatar into the Club, and just type in your code on the Go Clubbing VR app

  • Choose which Club Event and DJ you want to see

  • Dance to the music and DJs

  • Move between the rooms, meet, dance and talk to friends

  • Support the club with In-App Purchases, Tickets, Drinks , Fashion, and more...


Available on Oculus Quest 2
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Get a taste of new music and DJs, and access our free Venues.

• Special One-Off Events

• Transport yourself to the World’s biggest clubs

• Special technology events never seen before



1 - Adolfo Velayos Adolfo Velayos Dj and Producer. Co-Founder of the label, P21label, which is based in Madrid, and partnered with fellow producer, Martin Ruihz 2 - Graham Gold Tech House / Techno DJ & producer living in Koh Phangan, Thailand. Former Trance DJ & producer in the UK. Previously ran Peach Records, co-owned record labels Kool World Records, good:as and Relative Records (alongside his son Ben Gold). Hosted Friday Night Kiss and Monday night shows on Kiss 100. Also used to promote the 'Peach', 'Naked and 'Gissum' parties. 3 - Mr. ROOT Mr Root - DJ, Producer, Remixer, Over30 Recordings label and studio owner. As a DJ Mr Root started in 2001 and successfully spins the house music ever ... 4 - Trife Trizil Trife Trizzle was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri and lived 9 yrs of his life in Atlanta; where he found the love for producing and DJing. He started his DJ career working alongside Ali, of the St Lunatics, then moved on to start producing for Raekwon’s American Cream Team. Trife is a solid force in Derrty Entertainment as the Official Tour DJ. He has produced songs for Nelly, Murphy Lee, Ali, Pimp C and Avery Storm Playing Live Now 5 - Brandon Block Brandon’s incredible career started in 1985 at his local boozer in Harrow, before the emergence of Acid House in the late 80s brought numerous gigs at super clubs including Ministry of Sound, Turnmills and Miss Moneypenny’s and several appearances on BBC 6 - Jim "shaft" Ryan Jim is an internationally respected DJ, a talented remixer, producer and radio show presenter. ... He one of the creators of Miss Moneypenny's and Chuff Chuff 7 - Dave Angel A part of the very fabric of the UK techno scene, Dave Angel’s status as an erudite for electronic culture is anything but hyperbole or smothered in exhausting superlatives, but cemented in facts and encased in the endless memories of those who have lived, loved and danced, to the astonishing output of music he has created over the years


1 - KIDD MADONNY 2 - Wendy Escobar #REALHOUSEMUSIC. Radio Host & DJ. Former face of Traxsource Live. 3 - Spooky Bizzle 4 - STEEVE (SVK) Steeve (SVK) is a DJ, producer of remixers from the East Slovakia. Let me introduce myself in individual places. I have more than 19 years of professional information with a DJ. As a DJ, I got on the best East Slovak radio. Resident DJ for 6 best clubs in Slovakia. Experience with large summer festivals in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary ... Music on labels like Whore House by Legends Hoxtone Whores, Vamos Music, Comb Records, Disco Balls Records, DJCamp Label, V vliv Records, Lovely Tunes, Electroscene records, Tumbatta Records, Total Freedom Recordings, burns digital records, label with electric charge and more ... A regular live radio-mixed show on the German ELECTRONIC DANCE RADIO, where I am also one of the resident STAR RADIO FM DJs. Regular recordings, such as my official podcast on the Apple Podcast, the Spotify Podcast, but also on the Deezer contact: Steeve (SVK) Max Energy Groove and work with a new music television in the world A common room where we broadcast the location of the show Deep & Tropical House. And expect to enjoy it in 4K. I'm looking forward to our meeting. 5 - Nark - Bottom Forty Records Purveyor of slithering acid. Community builder. Bottom Forty Label owner. Club veteran. Party politician. Secretive producer. Zealous remixer. Anxiety-ridden intro-extroverted socialite. Totally nice and likes to be pet gently. Requires naps. Inspired by Sega Genesis techno. Prefers brief sentences and elongated sets. A pusher of American Techno, according to Resident Advisor, Decibel Festival, Vice Magazine, The Advocate, and others. Well-traveled gig player can say “biyee” in several languages. Playing Live Now 6 - Sammy Calanthe DJ for BottomForty in Seattle USA 7 - Better Coming from Seoul, South Korea, Better is a DJ who spins UK Garage, House, Drum and Bass and groovy tracks from the Old Skool.


1 - Jay Middleton Music Jay Middleton (The VaderMonkey/Orbital Simion), Tech Trance, Tech & Progressive House, Hard House, and Hard Trance, producer based in the Northwest of England. His open minded sound and ear for the clubbing community, has won over support from across the globe, his interaction and charisma, behind the decks make him an individual personality that refuses to conform, to monotonous ideologies. His various sounds ranging from House to Hard Dance, provide an open minded look on electronic music, to the clubbers and listeners internationaly. Its a common understanding that his perception of the clubbing scene, is understood by the crowds who enjoy his mesmerizing journeys. He's here to evolve the sound of electronic dance music, for the future. 2 - BEEJAY F_F also known as DJ Beejay. He starts his career from the first generation of Korea underground. He was a resident for club MWG, Garden, Heaven, Octagon Seoul in South Korea and Sector Shenzhen in south China. Also he has played in big stages like UMF Miami, Future Music Festival KL, Music Circus Osaka, Global Gathering Korea, World DJ Festival, UMF Korea, Acardia and many more. 3 - Clown Warfare Obscure combination of biological and digital entities, making big, bad-ass, breakbeats, dubstep, Drum& Bass, and a bunch of other stuff with little constraints on genre....... 4 - okzharp 5 - DJ Dani Dizz Playing the best in house Music and stem remixes of any genre!! 6 - Alexia 7 - Omagoqa Omagoqa - a trio creating new wave gqom with the artistic intention to always let the masses feel the indigenous authenticity of sound. Their music showcases a version of gqom coined as ‘uThayela’, which translates literally as “corrugated iron” and is used to describe “a rougher sound with a harder bassline that it is made for clubs”. It's a proud testament to a love of South African creativity and music. The group is made up of Andile Mazibuko (stage name Ma_A), Franco Makhathini (stage name KB) and Njabulo Sibiya (stage name Chase). The trio has been together for over 7 years and are a collaborative team that have worked alongside the likes of DJ Lag, Que DJ , Zvri, Jimbo Soundz, Cultivated Soulz, Scelo Gowane, Madanon & Newlands Finest. Omagoqa plays a raw sound, it can be aggressive and dark, but there isn’t a moment when the crowd isn’t giving it all back. They pull elements from EDM , Electronic & Dance/House to bring their unique music to life. Omagoqa is cementing their name in the music industry, they’ve performed at events like Ballantines Boiler Room and their sound and energy already has a solid reputation in the South African music and nightlife scenes. It's difficult not to have a good time at their performances, if you didn’t come to dance, the night isn’t going to go to plan. The collective's ambition is international and they’re planning on pushing that agenda aggressively with the EP - Feel The Bass. Playing Live Now

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