ClubMixed Presents:


The world's first fully interactive VR CLUBBING EXPERIENCE.

A real clubbing experience with music, light effects, multiple rooms.
As close as it can get to the real thing!
Meet in the club with friends, talk to each other and dance to your favourite DJs from anywhere in the world.

Available on

Go Clubbing
Multiple Rooms

Open now 24/7, 3 unique rooms, dance to the music you love.

Look out for our 2 special event rooms, the Pool Party and The Future Moon room.

Expect crazy pool games, top events, DJs, and an out-of-this-world experience (Coming Soon)!

How the VR Club

  • Take a selfie and generate an avatar of yourself

  • Spawn your avatar into the Club, and type in your code on the Go Clubbing app

  • Dance to the music and DJs

  • Move between the rooms, meet and talk to friends

  • Purchase extra effects, dance moves, glow sticks, clothes and much more


Available on Oculus Quest 2
download and join


Free Access

Get a taste of our club DJs and the fantastic rooms.

  • One Month
  • Club Entry

One Year Club Membership

For 1 year, enjoy access to 3 rooms, 100s of DJs.
Dance, meet and chat

  • One Year Club Membership

Special Events Access
Coming Soon...

Get access to one off events and enjoy VIP access.

  • Special One Off Events
  • Half Price for Members



1 - Jim "shaft" Ryan Jim is an internationally respected DJ, a talented remixer, producer and radio show presenter. ... He one of the creators of Miss Moneypenny's and Chuff Chuff Playing Live Now 2 - Graham Gold Tech House / Techno DJ & producer living in Koh Phangan, Thailand. Former Trance DJ & producer in the UK. Previously ran Peach Records, co-owned record labels Kool World Records, good:as and Relative Records (alongside his son Ben Gold). Hosted Friday Night Kiss and Monday night shows on Kiss 100. Also used to promote the 'Peach', 'Naked and 'Gissum' parties. 3 - Brandon Block Brandon’s incredible career started in 1985 at his local boozer in Harrow, before the emergence of Acid House in the late 80s brought numerous gigs at super clubs including Ministry of Sound, Turnmills and Miss Moneypenny’s and several appearances on BBC 4 - Mr. ROOT Mr Root - DJ, Producer, Remixer, Over30 Recordings label and studio owner. As a DJ Mr Root started in 2001 and successfully spins the house music ever ... 5 - Fabrizo Marra Fabrizio Marra is an Italian born DJ and producer who looks to evolve and adapt with each new release. 6 - Adolfo Velayos Adolfo Velayos Dj and Producer. Co-Founder of the label, P21label, which is based in Madrid, and partnered with fellow producer, Martin Ruihz 7 - Dave Angel A part of the very fabric of the UK techno scene, Dave Angel’s status as an erudite for electronic culture is anything but hyperbole or smothered in exhausting superlatives, but cemented in facts and encased in the endless memories of those who have lived, loved and danced, to the astonishing output of music he has created over the years 8 - Trife Trizil Trife Trizzle was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri and lived 9 yrs of his life in Atlanta; where he found the love for producing and DJing. He started his DJ career working alongside Ali, of the St Lunatics, then moved on to start producing for Raekwon’s American Cream Team. Trife is a solid force in Derrty Entertainment as the Official Tour DJ. He has produced songs for Nelly, Murphy Lee, Ali, Pimp C and Avery Storm


1 - Better Coming from Seoul, South Korea, Better is a DJ who spins UK Garage, House, Drum and Bass and groovy tracks from the Old Skool. 2 - KNOTEN Techno Live Performance, Photography and Visual Arts Live Performance: KNOTEN [ˈknoːtn,] combines these disciplines into an experience that aims to establish a new way of communication between audience and artists. 3 - Gutto Serta Gutto Serta is a musician, producer and DJ Berlin-Based. Since childhood, he always displayed a keen interest in all things musical and a desire to develop an understanding of several musical instruments. His taste blends organic and digital sounds, the overall effect is a music vision that speaks to the soul of it's listeners. From the past 10 years he had the opportunity to perform at great venues in his home country Brazil and other cities such as London and Ibiza. As a dance music lover, Gutto is constantly developing his music, bringing a mix of deep, techno and minimal sub genres. Playing Live Now 4 - BEEJAY F_F also known as DJ Beejay. He starts his career from the first generation of Korea underground. He was a resident for club MWG, Garden, Heaven, Octagon Seoul in South Korea and Sector Shenzhen in south China. Also he has played in big stages like UMF Miami, Future Music Festival KL, Music Circus Osaka, Global Gathering Korea, World DJ Festival, UMF Korea, Acardia and many more. 5 - Sammy Calanthe DJ for BottomForty in Seattle USA 6 - Blackliquid Music Composer/Producer/Remix & DJ for over 30 years. Previous DJ residencies: Spundae, The World Party, Hed Kandi America, House Sound Of LA Labels owned: Blackliquid Music, House Sound Of LA Labels written for: Universal Music, Warner Bros, Shaboom Records, Open Bar Music. Music Commissioned by: Viacom, MTV, VH-1 (UK), Virgin Radio, Capital Radio, Cavendish Music, B Sky B, Movies: featured track in The Devil Wears Prada movie and soundtrack. 7 - Nark - Bottom Forty Records Purveyor of slithering acid. Community builder. Bottom Forty Label owner. Club veteran. Party politician. Secretive producer. Zealous remixer. Anxiety-ridden intro-extroverted socialite. Totally nice and likes to be pet gently. Requires naps. Inspired by Sega Genesis techno. Prefers brief sentences and elongated sets. A pusher of American Techno, according to Resident Advisor, Decibel Festival, Vice Magazine, The Advocate, and others. Well-traveled gig player can say “biyee” in several languages. 8 - Clown Warfare Obscure combination of biological and digital entities, making big, bad-ass, breakbeats, dubstep, Drum& Bass, and a bunch of other stuff with little constraints on genre.......

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